Q: What’s your ethnicity?

A: I’m an exotic mix of Mediterranean, Nordic, and Middle Eastern backgrounds. Most people can’t quite put their finger on my exact origins. I’ve been confused for mixed Hawaiian, Latina, and Native American backgrounds. One thing for sure is I never can pass for only one race. :-) 


Q: What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies? 

A: I have endless hobbies in the artistic and creative fields. I run another business of my own from my home. On my spare time, I like to travel, hike, beach-comb, swim, spend time in nature - I love all kinds of wildlife!  I love to shop, visit upscale spas, network at social events, and research during my long stints of web-surfing. I’m an introvert, so I do need lots of solo time to recharge in between big social events and excess “peopling.” 


Q: Do you cater to fetishes?

A: Yes! I offer light bondage (domme) session including role play, binding/gagging, foot fetishes, ass worship, spanking, tickle fetishes, adult toys, and more! 


Q: Do you use the FC?

A: Yes, I am FC-friendly. (Just ask!) 


Q: Do you see newbies?

A: Unfortunately, I do not see those brand new to this lifestyle. I prefer my clients to have some experience in booking and meeting with other providers. 


Q: Are you 420-friendly? 

A: I am 420-friendly. Out of respect for the hotel/venue we will be visiting, and to avoid fines and legal issues, I would advise against ever smoking at an incall location. I’d recommend bringing your vape pens or edibles, instead. 


Q: Are you a smoker?

A: I do not smoke tobacco products, nor do I drink or partake in hard drug usage. I try to avoid all chemical substances and use only natural, herbal, or holistic products. 


Q: Do you allow photos/videos to be taken during session? 

A: Photo/video sessions are welcomed at an additional fee of $150.  Please see my Considerations page for more info. 


Q: Do you offer “trips to the isles?”

A: I do not. Sorry. I have friends who do, that I can refer you to, though. 


Q: You mentioned modeling and adult video work. Where can I see your work? 

A: To protect myself from losing current contracts, I cannot mention much of my modeling work, here. As for video work, you may be able to find me on thefetishvault.com :) After my modeling contracts expire, I plan to explore more adult video work options with major adult video production companies, as well as with independent adult film actors and actresses. 


Q: Do you take payments other than cash? 

A. Cash is preferred, but I do accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp for extended appointments, only. You can find more payment info on my Considerations page.